Making your Bathroom Senior Citizen Friendly

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Part of a bathroom renovation project can consist of ensuring the area is easily accessible to the elderly. Some of the main elements to consider when improving accessibility for older individuals include:

Placing Non-slip Mats in the Tubs and on the Floors – Non-slip mats are available in multiple designs and friction-capacity, ensuring you can find the perfect one for your needs. A lot of people don’t consider the bathtub base as part of the caution areas involved, but individuals can just as easily slip on this surface as well.

Installing Grab Bars/Handrails – Railing networks are another effective way of encouraging balance with your Bathroom Remodel. You can install this system along the sides of your bathtub or the walls of your shower enclosure. Handrails placed in the shower should be positioned just above the waist for easy reach.

Enhanced Lighting – Vision is a crucial aspect of any functional bathroom. Installing additional lighting in sections such as the shower, sink, toilet, and vanity can be a good way to help older folk find their way around. It’s crucial to ensure the lighting isn’t so bright that it impairs sight instead of enhancing it.

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