Maintaining your Deck on a Budget

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One of the major misconceptions that make homeowners hesitant about adding a deck to their home is the costly expenses involved with owning such an extension. However, maintaining your deck doesn’t have to cost a small fortune when addressed appropriately. 

Once a porch builder has constructed your deck, some effective ways you can maintain this extension on a budget include: 

Regular Cleaning 

One of the easiest means of maintaining your deck is by cleaning the surface on a regular basis. Daily sweeps and a quick mopping job are a great way to ensure no debris or clutter makes its home on your porch. Allowing dirt and leaves to build up can encourage discoloration and lead to mold and rot. 

Instigating General Repairs 

Some general maintenance activities include inspecting the addition for any potential problem areas. This can include loose floorboards, rotting or damaged sections, and loose hinges. Addressing these elements before they’re given the chance to spread can significantly lower overall costs in the long term. 

Sealing your Deck 

Depending on your deck material, it’s essential to seal it every few years to avoid damage from external elements. Untreated wood should be sealed every five years, treated wood every ten years, and composite decking every twenty years. We offer reliable deck-maintenance services and solutions, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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