Maintaining a Wooden Deck 

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Wood is arguably the most popular decking material, with millions of homes across the country Maintaining these decks can be accomplished through simple routines that if applied appropriately can ensure the longevity of the extension. 

Some effective ways deck builders can maintain your deck include: 

Regular Inspections 

If your deck is over ten years old then having an expert conduct an annual inspection is a good way to catch any potential problems before they become irreparable. Issues such as rot and infestation might occur in areas that are not easily visible such as the undercarriage of the decking, thus requiring an experienced eye to catch the issue. 

Daily Cleaning 

Giving this surface a daily routine sweep is a great way to ensure that debris doesn’t pile up causing an adverse aftermath. Dirt can lead to issues such as infestation problems, molding, and surface deterioration. Sweeping and mopping your deck will only take a few minutes and can avoid significant expenses. 

Sealing the Deck 

Generally, you should seal your deck once every year to ensure longevity. Summer is a great time to conduct this activity as you don’t have to worry about rainy weather. If your deck is significantly exposed to the sun, staining the surface might be a good alternative. For the best deck maintenance solutions in the market, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor. 

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