Luxury Deck Ideas

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If you happen to have come across an influx of cash, dedicating these funds to your deck is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. The presence of a deck automatically raises the resale value of a house, and the addition of luxury options can offer a return on investment of over 100%. 

Some great luxury upgrades a Porch Builder can include with a remodel include: 

Jacuzzi Bathtubs 

Installing a jacuzzi on your deck can offer the ultimate form of relaxation. These fixtures can be used any time of the day and during any season because of their climate-control features that allow individuals to control the temperature of the water. Your deck will need sufficient levels of privacy, however, to avoid peeping Toms. 

Multi-level Decking Designs 

Multi-level decks offer a sense of elegance that’s unique to this approach. Implementing a low gradient that gradually rises to the entryway of your home can significantly enhance the aesthetics related to curb appeal. It’s essential to hire a professional who specializes in such designs to ensure quality work. 

Outdoor Entertainment Systems 

Entertainment systems are arguably one of the most popular luxury upgrades available with decking remodels. Individuals have taken it a step further from simple audiovisual additions to enhanced provisions including WiFi and gaming setups. If you’re looking for reliable decking professionals in your area, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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