Leading Deck Innovations in 2023

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Whereas traditionally a deck was generally utilized as an area where homeowners can enjoy the cool breeze for a few moments, numerous households have transformed this area into a comprehensive additional lounge.

Some of the leading deck innovations available from a Porch Builder in 2023 include:

Curving Perimeters

Traditional decks are generally available in right-angled dimensions. However, modern decks have implemented a more curvaceous approach with their design – integrating various loops, waves, and arches with their circumference. These designs offer an elegant and stately appearance, enhancing curb appeal.

Fire Fixture Centerpieces

Installing a fireplace around a seating area is an effective means of enhancing comfort levels during the colder seasons of the year or nighttime. Opting for a woodburning alternative is recommendable when looking to mitigate costs. Gas burners will require permits to connect the fixture to a gas line, leading to extra expenses.

Pergola Installations

Pergolas feature multiple benefits and are available in numerous designs. This structure offers a great shade solution and depending on your roofing and wall choice, it can also be a good cover against the wind and rain. It’s crucial to ensure that you hire an established firm when looking to integrate this addition into your deck, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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