Integrating a Wet Room into your Bathroom

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Bathroom remodeling projects have grown in popularity in recent years, with many reports identifying it as one of the first rooms a homeowner focuses on when undertaking a remodeling venture. There are numerous options available with such an endeavor and personal needs and preferences can play a significant role in the particular approach adopted with such a project. A trending upgrade connected to many upscale bathroom remodeling ventures is the transformation of this area into a wet room. 

What is a Wet Room? 

A wet room is a water-proof shower space where the bathing section is flush/level with the rest of the bathroom floor. In simple terms, the entire area has a level floor space without any barrier dividing the shower area from the rest of the room. Although there’s no established enclosure surrounding the shower space, many homeowners tend to add a screen in the shower area to prevent the water from splashing onto other areas of the bathroom. The water is drained through outlets installed on the floor. The main difference between a shower and a wet room is the open-plan design implemented with the latter, as well as a central drainage system. Traditional showers feature a drainage system detached from the rest of the room. 

What is the Primary Purpose of a Wet Room? 

One of the major reasons homeowners hire Wellesley MA Bathroom Remodel contractors to install a wet room is to increase the accessibility levels of this space. They’re generally designed to accommodate individuals who might have trouble crossing barriers to access a bathing area. Candidates who are likely to appreciate the accessibility of wet rooms include children, senior citizens, and individuals with mobility limitations. A wet room has also gained a lot of traction in recent years in terms of trending styles, with many homeowners choosing to integrate this setup as means of transforming the look of this area and enhancing aesthetics. 

Transforming your Bathroom into a Wet Room 

A traditional bathroom can be turned into a functional wet room by creating a level floor space, waterproofing the room, and identifying a designated shower area. Tile installations are the most common projects implemented when looking to water-proof the area, as they’re not only highly effective but represent a cost-effective solution as well. Hiring a professional for this Wellesley MA Bathroom Remodel is crucial to chances of success. Aspects such as creating a slightly sloping floor that directs water towards the outlet and ensuring the proper pipes are implemented with the drainage should always be left to a certified expert. Established contractors will also have an easier time obtaining the permits needed to initiate the project. Activities that have a major effect on plumbing and electricity will require a permit. 

Some of the benefits homeowners can enjoy with a wet room include: 

  • They’re easy to clean and maintain. 
  • With the right approach, this setting can enhance overall aesthetics. 
  • They’re an excellent solution for individuals with limited mobility. 
  • They represent a great space-saving solution. 

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