Incorporating Technology into your Kitchen Design

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Technological advancements in recent years have affected almost every sector you can think of and is no longer limited to commerce, entertainment and manufacturing. The renovation industry hasn’t been left behind, and there are a variety of progressive options you can choose from when undertaking remodeling projects.

Hiring a forward-thinking Newton MA Kitchen Remodeling contractor can help transform your cooking area into a kitchen of the future. Some great technology ideas you can incorporate with your kitchen’s new design include:

1.   Virtual Assistant Technology

Hands-free devices such as Google Home and Alexa can greatly ease various activities, including the access of information and the initiation of certain functions. These virtual assistants can allow you to set timers to different appliances, pull up recipes or play your favorite track list, all by voice command.

2.   Touch Activation Taps

Touch activation has recently been integrated into faucet functions, which allow you to turn a tap on and off through a simple touch. This can be greatly convenient when accessing your water flow multiple times, and ensures you don’t make a further mess trying to get clean.

3.   Smart Appliances

Kitchen appliances like refrigerators and ovens are gaining steady popularity in modern homes. Smart fridges come with screens that allow you to scan the content of your fridge without opening the door, saving energy in the process. Smart ovens feature touchscreen doors and an enhanced number of cooking functions.

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