Identifying the Right Bathroom Contractor

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The bathroom industry is a big part of the remodeling world, with millions of people considering such a venture at one point or another. Global Market Insights (GMI) report that the North American bathroom industry was valued at over $59 billion in 2020, with a 4% CAGR projected between 2021 and 2027. GMI reports that the driving forces behind this growth rate include the desire to improve functionality and the progressing upgrades in bathroom accessories. Individuals looking to conduct an extensive remodeling project on this part of their house are advised to hire a professional firm to handle the venture. Addressing intensive upgrades as a DIY can lead to significant losses due to amateur mistakes. 

There are a multitude of home improvement services available in the market and identifying a suitable option is essential to developing an amicable working relationship. The candidate chosen should also be proficient in their provisions and fall within the range of one’s given budget. Some important issues to keep in mind when seeking an appropriate Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling contractor include: 

Ask for Input on your Plans 

It’s essential to ensure that you take your time when browsing through available services before settling on a final decision. Highlighting three final candidates from the general list is recommended when looking to save time, as in-depth interviews for 10 or more potential options aren’t always practical. Once these finalists have been selected, conducting an initial phone interview can represent the next step. Talking about the activities and expectations involved, as well as highlighting any potential complications is recommended when discussing the project. Requesting the input of the contractors regarding your plans is a great way to determine whether you are on the same page with the candidate. The level of enthusiasm projected with any potential response can be a good way of gauging the potential commitment of the contractor. 

Review Previous Projects 

Taking the time to go through previous projects completed by the final candidates is an effective means of identifying a qualified alternative. Most established contractors will have a portfolio of recent projects available on their website. The projects perused should be related to the particular venture one has in mind. A bathroom tile installation might be impressive, for instance, but it doesn’t serve as proof that one can replace a shower cubicle with a bathtub. The closer the previous work is to the current project, the higher the levels of capability portrayed. Logging onto online review platforms such as Yelp is another simple way of investigating the capabilities of a particular candidate. Whereas testimonials published by a Needham MA Remodelling firm will only reflect positively on their experience, public review platforms can sometimes offer a more honest source of credibility. 

Ensure a Valid License 

The contractor a homeowner chooses should be legally licensed by the appropriate authorities. Licensed firms are required to follow certain guidelines when it comes to the operations of their business, ensuring quality services. It’s also worth noting that there is a difference between a licensed and registered service, although a contractor can do both. Individuals with a Construction Supervisor License (CSL) are required to pass a test before its acquisition, while individuals with a Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) registration have simply paid an administration fee to be registered with the state. 

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