How to Reduce the Cost of your Bathroom Remodel

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The potential cost of a bathroom remodel can make many homeowners a little hesitant about undertaking such a venture. However, revamping this section doesn’t have to drain your resources when seeking quality results. 

There are several strategies you can undertake when looking to implement a cost-effective approach with your Bathroom Remodel, some include:

Maintain the Original Layout

Any major structural work is likely to significantly raise expenses. Activities such as expanding the room, moving or removing walls, or moving fixed fixtures from one area to another will not only require permits to undertake but will be quite costly to accomplish. Such work should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Refurbish over Replacing

It isn’t always necessary to replace some fixtures and elements involved with your remodel. Refurbishing your bathtub, for instance, will be much cheaper than replacing it with a new one – and can be easily accomplished with some bleach, good scrubbing, and a protective coating. The same can be said for cabinets and vanity setups.

Opt for Prefabricated Elements

Customized elements are costlier than prefabricated options. A prefabricated shower wall, for instance, will be cheaper than a customized tiling project. It will also take a shorter time to accomplish. For affordable, high-quality bathroom remodeling packages, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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