How to Prepare for an Internal Paint Job

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The first issue that needs to be addressed when dealing with a residential paint job is the area concerned. In general, this activity deals with two primary sections, the interior and exterior. Each section involves varying requirements due to the differences in the environment involved. If you’re planning an interior paint job, some of the things you’ll need to do to prepare include:

Moving Electronics and Appliances

The first step is moving any portable electronics and appliances from the rooms.  This is essential to not only prevent any accidents that might lead to damaged items but also serves to declutter the space involved. Wall hangings and any other ornaments should also be removed from the room.

Placing Protective Covering over the Furniture

Heavier items such as couches might be impractical to remove from their room due to their bulk. Ensuring no stray drops of paint reach these items is the next step of the process. Having a professional house painter in charge of this activity is recommendable to ensure that it’s done properly. Moving everything to the center of the room and covering them with a tarp is a simple but effective strategy.

Laying out Floor Coverings

The last step involves covering the sections of the floor where you or the painters will be working. In cases where walls are involved, it’s advisable to lay down a canvas at least three feet away from the section to ensure proper coverage.

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