How to Get a Deck Building Permit

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Many people aren’t aware that most regions require homeowners to acquire a permit before they can add a deck to their home. Most professional Deck Builders will happily take over this responsibility, but if you’re planning on a DIY, the primary stages involved with this acquisition include:

Applying for the Permit

Applying for a building permit is a straightforward process and generally involves a document detailing the structural plans of your deck. You’ll also need to submit a scaled drawing of your deck as well as highlight the location of your deck on the property involved.

The submission of these drawings is to ensure that your plans meet all the requirements related to building codes and zoning department regulations. If your house is located on a corner, for instance, you might need to adhere to rules regulating the appropriate distance between the deck and the street.

Approval and Inspection

Once you have submitted your application, your local building department will go through the details and if it meets all the requirements, they will approve the application. It can take between one and three weeks in most cases to receive approval for a permit. After construction, a certified inspector will go through the construction to ensure it meets all required standards.

If you would rather not handle the permit application process on your own, call us today! Exponential Construction is your preferred contractor.

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