How to Effectively Childproof your Home with a Remodel

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If you’re conducting a home remodel, one of the significant elements you should consider if you live with young ones is childproofing your residence. This involves ensuring your children can’t gain access to areas or items that might endanger their wellbeing. 

Some great ways to effectively childproof your home with a remodeling company include: 

Securing Storage Spaces 

Any cupboards or drawers based on the ground should be securely locked. Things like plumbing equipment, cleaning detergents, and dirty cleaning materials, for instance, are generally stored in the bottom spaces of most kitchens. Child locking these areas can enhance the overall safety of your kids. 

Installing Miniature Barricades 

If you have toddlers around the house, installing baby barricades at the top and bottom of the stairs, as well as any additional hazard areas such as small but sudden drops when crossing rooms and sunken fire pits is an easy way to ensure your babies don’t mistakenly take a tumble on their adventures. 

Installing a Stove Guard 

A stove guard is a system that automatically cuts power to your stove when it senses it has been idle for a prolonged time. This is a great way to ensure your children don’t burn their hands when trying to sneak a peek in the oven. If you’re looking for established contractors for a childproof upgrade, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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