How Long Does a Home Remodeling Project Take?

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One of the major questions most homeowners have when considering a remodel is how long such a project could potentially take. This is not an easy query to address, as there is no one answer.  

Some of the elements that can influence the length of a Newton MA home remodeling project include: 

Type of Work 

The kind of activities involved will be the first thing to consider when dealing with a remodel. These projects can be divided into cosmetic, minimal, and major ventures. Cosmetic activities only involve superficial changes like painting, installing appliances, and basic flooring and as such can take between a few hours and a couple of months. 

Minimal activities can represent ventures such as full-scale interior remodels involving particular sections such as the bathroom and kitchen and external additions (like sheds or garages). These could take several weeks or six months. Major remodels deal with elements such as significant structural and foundation repair and could take up to a year to complete. 


The size of the workforce involved with the remodel can also play a role in how long such a venture could take. Bigger workforces will take a shorter time to complete projects as compared to smaller groups. If you’re looking for reliable contracting solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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