Great Ways to Upgrade Your Basement

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Many homeowners don’t tend to consider the basement during a remodeling project. The cellar is usually utilized as a haphazard storage space or just viewed as the ‘boiler room’. Transforming this space can offer numerous benefits because of the flexibility available regarding purpose and functionality. 

Some excellent ideas you can use to upgrade your basement during a Newton MA home remodeling venture include: 

Installing a Dehumidifier 

Basements can be damp because of their underground placement and external elements. This can cause multiple problems such as molding, which could spread to the rest of the house. Hiring remodeling contractors to install a dehumidifier can efficiently address this problem at an affordable rate. 

Using Epoxy Paint on Concrete Floors 

You can transform the drab nature of concrete floors with a fresh coat of paint. Applying epoxy paint is an excellent way to enhance these floors. Epoxy paint is manufactured with a resin and hardener that gives it a durable, waterproof surface when it dries. 

Install Radiant Panels 

Basements can be notoriously cold. Heating this section can also prove to be complicated and costly. Installing radiant panels on the walls or under the floor is an excellent way to address this problem at an affordable cost. If you’re seeking professional assistance with upgrading your basement, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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