Great Ways to Enhance Kitchen Storage

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A crucial aspect of a successful kitchen remodel is efficient storage solutions. This element plays a significant role in improving the overall functionality of this space. There are several ways you can improve storage provisions in your kitchen during a remodel. Some of these include: 

Including a Pantry 

A great way to enhance storage facilities is by providing a dedicated room for this endeavor. A pantry is usually the same size as a closet and wouldn’t involve major complications when added to a layout. Including this room in your Newton MA kitchen remodeling project can ensure you never run out of space. 

Adding Cabinets to your Kitchen Island 

If your kitchen features an island, adding a cabinet section to this fixture offers extra storage without taking over additional floor space. This approach can help you avoid cramped spaces, promoting efficient foot traffic in the process. You can also opt for fixtures on top of the island to keep smaller items such as utensils and spices. 

Adding a Drawer Organizer 

A drawer organizer effectively divvies up the available space in this fixture to allow for the allocation of different utensils and related items. This approach reduces clutter and also makes items easily accessible. We offer a wide variety of storage solutions for remodeling projects, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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