Great Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2023

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Bathroom remodeling projects have developed from dealing with the bare necessities to involving popular trends intended to personalize and enhance the space involved. Whereas in the past a remodel would only be instigated when a practical element involving functionality needed to be addressed, homeowners now take up this venture for multiple reasons including enhancing their home’s potential resale value, improving aesthetics, and catering to personal preferences. 

There’s a wide scope of options to choose from when it comes to Wellesley Bathroom Remodel projects, allowing you to choose from a myriad of upgrades and bespoke solutions. Some of the more popular trends that have taken over this industry in 2023 include: 

Spa-Like Experiences 

Transforming the ambiance of your bathroom to give it more of a spa-like feel has become a popular trend for many homeowners across the country. The rising cost of living has made some leisure services more difficult to access as individuals are finding that they have to deal with continually limited budgets. Visiting the spa to rest and relax after a stressful week can be a wonderful experience, but very few people can afford what is now seen as a luxury by most. A great way of bypassing the budgetary needs of such an experience is by installing a personal spa in your residence. Some effective ways you can transform your bathroom to give it more of a spa-like feel include installing a soaking tub and steam shower, heated towel racks, and an audio system to play relaxing music as you unwind. You can also integrate warm colors into the walls to encourage a relaxed atmosphere. 

Bespoke Shower Designs 

Another popular trend with bathroom remodels is customized shower spaces designed to meet specific needs and wants. There are a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to upgrading this space and it no longer has to feature a simple faucet and showerhead. Wall niches, for example, are great for individuals who would like to keep their shampoos, loofahs, and soaps within arms reach avoiding a battle with a swinging soap caddy when you have soap in your eyes. Other popular customized solutions also include waterproof audio systems, frameless enclosures, grab bars, and unique floor layouts. 

Touchless Fixtures

Motion sensor solutions have grown in popularity in recent years as many people take steps to automate different parts of their homes. One of the leading solutions in this area when it comes to Wellesley Bathroom Remodel projects is touchless faucets. As the name suggests, these are fixtures designed to activate without the user having to come into physical contact with the tap. They are generally activated via a motion sensor system that allows you access to water with a simple wave of your hand, or through a specific voice command. These fixtures are generally powered through an AC transformer connection that provides low-voltage current or orthodox dry cell batteries. This solution is implemented on sink faucets and shower heads. 

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