Fire Hazard Safety Preventions in a Kitchen

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Fires are one of the most dangerous potential hazards that can happen in the kitchen. According to multiple studies, over 40% of residential fires start in the kitchen. Enhancing safety precautions in relation to fire hazards is a crucial part of any kitchen remodel. 

Choosing your Materials 

The first element to consider when looking to safeguard your home against fires with a Kitchen Remodel is the materials involved with the venture. There are a variety of fire-resistant alternatives available in the market, including concrete, bricks, metal alloys, and some types of glass. Integrating these materials into your design can enhance the potential safety enjoyed. 

Include a Fire Extinguisher Placement 

Part of your kitchen’s layout should include one or more holdings for fire extinguishers. These allocations should be situated near potential fire hazards such as the cooking area and next to a group of outlets. It’s advisable to opt for a fire extinguisher that you can easily hold such as the 4 – 5lb versions. 

Kitchen Appliances 

Kitchen appliances should be kept far from wet areas such as the sink and meal preparation area. Always opt for quality when choosing devices to avoid accidents such as short circuits that could spark and give birth to a starter flame. We always consider fire safety with our remodeling designs, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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