Expanding your Bathroom

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There are multiple issues to consider when looking to expand your bathroom, but the results can be significantly impressive with an appropriate strategy.

Some crucial aspects to consider when undertaking an expansion with your Newton MA Bathroom remodeling project include:

Permit Application

Expanding your bathroom will require a permit from your local building authority. This process can take between two weeks to one month to accomplish. Failure to get these licenses can lead to hefty fines and additional construction expenses to address any irregularities with the municipality’s building codes.

Safety Precautions

Expanding a room involves a lot of dangerous activities and tools that can lead to accidents and injuries when handled inappropriately. To avoid members of the household getting in the way of the workforce and trekking across potentially hazardous work sites, cordoning off the areas with some tape, or restricting the top floor of the house is advisable for a household with children.

Spatial Sacrifices

Expanding one part of your residence will lead to the diminishing size of another part of the house. This might mean a small bathroom, hallway, or lounging area – depending on where the bathroom is located. It’s important to take note of the space you will be sacrificing for your larger bathroom.

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