Excellent Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the more essential sectors of a house when it comes to functionality. If you’re thinking about instigating a remodel, the bathroom is a great place to start as it’s not only an essential area but also one of the smaller rooms – making it an affordable option. 

Some great ways you upgrade your bathroom with a Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling project include: 

Installing a Pedestal Sink 

A great way to save on space is by installing a pedestal sink. This design focuses on the pure amenities of this fixture, consisting of a sink and faucet and no counter space. This approach focuses on maximizing core function while allowing for additional space. 

Installing a Vent 

Installing a vent offers a variety of benefits including reducing humidity and purifying the area. It’s also a great way to eliminate the “foggy mirror syndrome” and can eliminate potential odors. Your bathroom’s position will depend on the position of your bathroom in the house. A vent is also much quieter than a traditional fan. 

Installing a Hidden Tank  

Installing the toilet’s tank behind the wall is another great way to enhance space and give your bathroom a modern look. It’s essential to ensure that the tank is properly installed, however, as conducting fixes will be complicated because of a lack of easy access. For high-quality bathroom remodeling solutions in the market, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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