Enhancing your Shower Space

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Remodeling your bathroom can involve a wide variety of activities that are dependent on your particular objectives. In many houses, this section features limited space and will generally only have a shower cubicle. In such cases, enhancing the available space is an effective way of improving the overall functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Some effective ways you can enhance your shower with a Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling project include: 

Recessed Soap Caddies 

Recessed soap caddies refer to holders that are built into the shower walls instead of taking the traditional mounted approach. This strategy is designed to enhance the space around your cubicle and can be quite effective when dealing with restricted spaces. Mounted options can tend to get in the way when operating with minimal room, which can lead to you potentially toppling over the items in this fixture. Recessed caddies can also be placed at a suitable height allowing for easier reach, thus enhancing functionality. 

Integrating Shower Curtains

Another effective means of enhancing space is through the implementation of a shower curtain to replace the screen doors to the cubicle. Although the latter may offer greater levels of aesthetics, it also takes up much space as most screen doors tend to swing outwards for the sake of functionality and safety. As such, their implementation takes up additional room as you’ll need to provide extra space for the movement of the door. This requirement negates the use of the space in front of the door for anything else. Implementing shower curtains automatically removes these limitations. Alternatively, if you would rather not sacrifice your shower screens, you can replace your swinging doors with sliding options – although this will likely cost more than installing a simple shower rod and curtain. 

Integrating a Wall-to-wall Shower Space 

The easiest way of expanding your shower is by integrating a dedicated side of your bathroom towards the cubicle. Traditional shower spaces generally take up a corner of the bathroom, leaving the remaining area free. However, if you’re looking for a larger option, you can extend your cubicle from one end of the room to the other. This approach, however, is only practical when dealing with smaller-sized bathrooms. Anything larger than 40 square feet (5X8) will make this strategy impractical – unless you’re planning to transform the cubicle into a sauna/steam room that will be utilized by multiple people at once. 

Installing Corner Shelving 

The corners are one of the more common dead spaces in a shower cubicle that are rarely utilized. Installing shelving in this section can be another great solution when it comes to functional storage solutions. Corner shelves are more affordable than the integration of recessed storage options. The simplicity of their design also means they can be approached as a DIY. It’s crucial to ensure the material implemented with your shelving is waterproof to avoid repercussions such as molding and water damage. 

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