Enhancing Your Kitchen Island’s Efficiency With a Remodel

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Efficiency is a crucial aspect of any remodeling project, especially when dealing with areas such as the kitchen. Some strategies you can implement when looking to enhance an island’s efficiency during a kitchen remodel include: 

Installing a Multifunctional Island 

Modern kitchen island designs come with multiple features that cater to aspects like storage and cooking activities. Current designs can include additions such as drawers and shelves or accommodate appliances such as dishwashers and sinks. Display features such as glass cabinet doors can also enhance aesthetics. 

Seating Fixtures 

If you want to utilize your island as an additional dining area, including seating fixtures can enhance the comfort levels available with this function. Seated areas can be implemented through barstools and the inclusion of leg space on one or both sides of the island. The seating design should have enough space between them to make for congenial positioning. 

Including Overhead Lighting 

The kind of lighting installed can be determined by the purpose of the island. If you want to use it as an area where the kids can do their homework, the lighting should be bright enough to promote visibility. Hiring an established contractor is crucial to your chances of success, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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