Enhancing your Home’s Resale Value with a Remodel

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If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, sprucing up the residence before listing the property is an effective way of improving its potential resale value. The home improvement industry has grown in leaps and bounds as demand continues to rise in this sector. Home remodeling ventures feature a versatile scope and there are numerous options to choose from when undertaking such an endeavor. Your overall strategy will depend on your particular wants and needs. 

Some great ways to enhance the valuation of your home with a Wellesley MA Remodeling project include: 

Improving the Curb Appeal 

One of the primary elements to start with when looking to enhance the resale value of your home is the appearance of its exterior. The front of your home influences the initial perception a potential buyer would have of your house. If the entryway appears shabby and neglected, there’s a significant chance that any potential valuation will automatically drop as a result. Enhancing your curb appeal will consist of activities such as painting the exterior of your house, refurbishing the deck, and landscaping your surroundings. A large majority of the activities involved can be approached as a DIY, but this can potentially lower the aesthetic levels involved with the project. Hiring a professional contractor guarantees higher-quality results. 

Enhancing Security 

Installing a security system is another effective way of ensuring your residence stands apart from other listings on the market. According to Statista, the security industry is projected to grow up to $5 billion in 2025, depicting the continued popularity of this feature in the housing market. Many urban areas have unfortunately experienced a rise in criminal activity and as such, security systems have become a necessity. One of the more popular options available in this market includes the integration of an exterior surveillance system. Traditional solutions such as secure deadbolts, burglar-proof doors, and window grills can also greatly enhance the resale value of your home. Adding lights to cover your yard is another effective means of enhancing security levels. Most burglars tend to target homes that they can access without bringing attention to themselves. As such, a well-lit compound is a good way of decreasing the chances of a potential invasion. 

Improved Functionality 

Established Wellesley MA Remodeling contractors generally advise homeowners to focus on functional needs before moving on to aesthetics. Aspects such as plumbing, gas connection, and electrical wiring should all be in tip-top shape before focusing on the outward appearance. Implementing a tile installation project before dealing with molding is redundant, for instance, as such an approach will only lead you back to square one after a period. Prioritizing areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen are good places to start when looking to focus on overall functionality. Exterior sections can include areas such as the deck and the roof. Ensuring the structure is in sound shape is crucial in any valuation. 

Hiring a professional to carry out an inspection can give you a good idea of where to start with your home renovation project, so call us today! Exponential construction, your preferred contractor!

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