Enhancing your Home’s Resale Value with a Remodel

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If you’re thinking about placing your property on the market, making a few changes before listing it on various platforms can effectively raise the potential valuation of your home. Initiating a remodeling project has numerous benefits, and the right approach can significantly impact the functionality and aesthetics of a home. Some effective strategies when looking to get the best return on investment (ROI) possible include: 

Adding a Deck 

One of the surest ways to impact the resale value of your home is through a deck-building project. Adding this extension to your home is a great way to ensure you enjoy a significant ROI with your construction. Studies have shown that even the simplest decks can feature an ROI of up to 70% when constructed according to the local building codes. The versatility of these fixtures also means you have a wide array of designs to choose from, including bespoke solutions to reflect your personality. The budget involved will depend on several aspects such as the primary building material implemented, size and dimension, and the rates of the Wellesley MA Remodeling contractor hired. Acquiring the services of a professional is crucial to one’s chances of success. 

Remodeling the Kitchen 

The kitchen represents another great remodeling option, with numerous studies reporting that renovating this area can bring about a 75% to 80% ROI. It should be noted, however, the return on investment will depend on aspects such as the sections involved, the quality of the fixtures, and the range of functionality. The particular style you implement with your design should have a fair level of mass appeal when looking to enhance the ROI involved. Implementing a bespoke solution with unique tastes can directly hinder the rise in valuation that would have otherwise been enjoyed. Ensuring all setups and systems are in working order is crucial to a successful renovation. Focusing on areas such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and storage is recommended when developing your initial blueprint. 

Remodeling your Bathroom 

A 2022 study published by the New York Times found that bathroom remodeling projects cost roughly between $10,000 and $26, 000 on average, while bringing about an ROI of approximately 60%. The bathroom is also another area that influences the overall functionality of your home. Like the kitchen, focusing on the basics when working with your Wellesley MA Remodeling contractors is recommended. Starting with the plumbing is recommended as this feature represents the primary function of this section. Integrating additional storage solutions and upgrading your vanity is another great way to enhance functionality. Designated lighting has been trending with bathroom remodels in recent years. These involve placing lighting fixtures according to the purpose of the area involved. The bath area, for example, can have LED white lights placed over the area, while drying sections can feature warmer hues such as reds and yellows. Retiling the area is another excellent way of enhancing functionality, while improved ventilation enhances the atmosphere available in terms of humidity levels. 

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