Enhancing your Deck’s Privacy

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Your deck can serve as a great place to rest and relax after a long hard day. If this feature is situated at the front of your house, however, the issue of privacy might raise its head if you’re not a fan of prying eyes. 

Enhancing the privacy of your deck can improve the overall experience available with this section. Some useful ways a Newton MA Deck Builder can accomplish this objective include: 

Rail Fencing 

Your railing can serve as both a safety precaution and a means of enhancing privacy levels. Instead of integrating the traditional design that features spaces between the balusters, you can choose to erect this fixture using a semi-fencing design that doesn’t leave any spaces for people to peep through. 

Plants and Trees 

Nurturing a private garden in front of your deck is a great eco-friendly solution to your privacy needs. Leafy tropical plants are a great alternative to this solution and can be grown indoors before being transplanted outside while they achieve maturity. 

Traditional Fences 

Traditional fences are the easiest way of achieving privacy levels with your deck. Some HOAs, however, might have regulations about building a fence on your property. You might also be required to acquire a permit before commencing construction depending on your region. For elegant, reliable deck privacy services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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