Enhancing your Bathroom’s Safety

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According to the Architectural Digest, homeowners spent $472 billion on home improvement projects in 2022, with the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) forecasting the market to reach a valuation of $485 billion by the end of 2023. Millions of homeowners across the country remodel their residences each year and the bathroom is arguably one of the most popular areas of focus for such ventures. Numerous benefits can be enjoyed by upgrading this part of the house when done correctly, and an effective strategy can yield up to a 70% return on investment. 

Remodeling one’s bathroom, however, isn’t always as simple as it sounds and there are multiple aspects to consider when planning an effective approach. One of the elements that are crucial to a successful upgrade is the safety levels enjoyed with the transformation of this room. According to a survey published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), falls that take place in the bathroom were twice as likely to result in injuries compared to falls in the living room. It’s also worth noting that the environment of this space significantly enhances the likelihood of accidents/injuries happening in this part of the house. As such, focusing on safety levels is crucial when initiating a Needham MA Bathroom Remodel

Some effective ways to enhance the safety levels of your bathroom include: 

Integrating Anti-Slip Solutions 

One of the more common causes of injury when it comes to bathrooms are slips and falls. According to a report published by the CDC over 80% of injuries in the bathroom were as a result of slips and falls. As such, finding a means of reducing the potential for such accidents is crucial to enhancing the safety levels of this area. The best means of accomplishing this objective is through enhancing the traction of the floors to provide a firmer grip while moving around wet and slippery areas. Simple ways to increase traction can be through installing anti-slip mats, installing fixtures with glazed or somewhat abrasive surfaces, or applying products such as anti-slip sprays. You can also install handrails to help break your fall should you suddenly skid over the surface. If you’re simply dealing with a slippery surface that’s away from the splash zone, you can enhance aesthetics and increase traction by placing decorative floor mats along regular pathways. 

Organizing the Floor Space 

Children and senior citizens are arguably more prone to accidents and injuries as their movements can be limited because of their physical restrictions. In such cases, creating a safer space for people who fall into this age group to comfortably move around can play a big role in enhancing their safety. People who suffer from disabilities that limit their mobility can also benefit from such an approach. Ensuring different areas are easily accessible and don’t necessarily make it difficult for such individuals to maneuver about the space can be hugely effective in preventing accidents. As such, creating an open space in the middle of the bathroom and placing larger fixtures along the walls but within easy reach can prevent accidental falls and slips. 

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