Enhancing the Space in Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom isn’t one of the biggest rooms in the house, and as such utilizing the space available might be a tricky task at times. There are several elements you can implement when it comes to getting the best out of any space. 

Some of the stylistic trends you can implement with your bathroom remodel include: 

Centralize your Layout 

Identifying the central space of your bathroom can help you find a level of symmetry when developing a plan. You can stand in the middle of the room with your contractor and try and develop a setting that will involve good levels of equidistance between setups on different sides of the room. Promoting such conformity can enhance the levels of maneuverability available. 

Shelving, Racks, and Hooks 

Cabinets can be quite bulky sometimes, making them a bit intrusive when set in a small space. Replacing these fixtures with shelving across the walls and towel and slipper racks in one of the corners can greatly enhance the space available. You can also add hooks behind the doors for personal or guest robes. 

Utilize the Corners 

Setting up the bulkier fixtures of a bathroom such as cabinets conjoined in one of the free corners is another good alternative in this venture. Individuals seldom occupy corner spaces, making them an excellent place for square cabinetry. If you’re seeking reliable bathroom remodeling services at an affordable price, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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