Enhancing the Safety Levels of Your Bathroom

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Remodeling your bathroom can be a great way to enhance the overall valuation of your home. This room represents one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to residential investment, and can also serve as an opportunity to add a sense of personal style to the area. One of the primary objectives that should always be considered with a renovation is the safety levels of the room. The nature of bathrooms means there are several crucial elements to consider when designing their layout, with safety playing a leading aspect of any activity. 

Some effective strategies to implement with a Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling project when looking to enhance safety levels include: 

Installing Anti-slip Floors 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 66% of accidents that happen in the bathroom take place in the tub or shower. Slips and falls represent a ⅓ of that 66%. Wet surfaces can be quite dangerous if one isn’t careful or doesn’t have a full range of mobility. Ensuring the surface underneath features a sturdy texture that allows for better grip is crucial when looking to avoid potential accidents. Some effective anti-slip solutions available in the market include glazed tile surfaces, which are generally applied with porcelain and ceramic tiles. Exotic stone and concrete can also be applied to the floor and cubicle walls, with a granular texture integrated into the bottom surface to give it more traction. If you’re not looking for an intensive upgrade to your surroundings, placing anti-slip mats or adhesive strips is a straightforward way of enhancing available traction.  

Enhancing Available Light 

Increasing the visibility levels of this area is also a great means of enhancing the safety levels of your bathroom. Adequate lighting ensures you can have a clear range of sight as you make your way around potentially wet surfaces, ensuring you don’t accidentally slip. Enhancing these fixtures can also ensure individuals don’t make a mistake when placing sensitive items such as appliances that could potentially represent electrical hazards should they come in contact with water. Proper lighting can also minimize the glare suffered as a result of reflective surfaces such as mirrors, windows, porcelain, and other shiny surfaces. Improved visibility greatly enhances the overall functionality of this area. Some good strategies to implement when adopting this strategy include the implementation of LED lighting which is not only eco-friendly but reduces glare levels. When it comes to design, ceiling downlights are a great way to cover extensive space and improve aesthetics. 

Installing Grab Bars 

If you have elderly individuals or people with mobility restrictions as part of your household, having your Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling contractors install a series of grab bars across the cubicle is advisable. The shower walls, like the floor, can get quite slippery when wet – which means it’s not very reliable when it comes to stopping a potential fall. Having grab bars to either side, however, ensures an individual is in firm control of their balance. The bars should be placed just above an individual’s waist level, but not higher than the chest of the person it’s intended for. 

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