Enhancing Safety Features with a Kitchen Remodel

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The kitchen can represent one of the more dangerous sections of a house as a result of its operational setup. As such, multiple elements need to be approached with caution.

Some effective ways of enhancing the safety of your kitchen include:

Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarms

The law requires homeowners to have at least one smoke detector in the kitchen. Multi-sensor alternatives enhance safety levels. These alarms measure several elements including smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide levels to detect the potential presence of a fire. The use of several detection systems allows for better response levels in case of emergencies.

Installing Fire Extinguisher Emergency Case

Although the law doesn’t require residences to have fire extinguishers, keeping one is always recommendable. Placing this fire safety device in a dedicated cabinet that’s clearly labeled and features a glass door is a good way to ensure individuals can easily locate the extinguisher during times of emergency.

Additional Means of Egress

Egress refers to exits and generally includes doors and windows. Installing additional exits such as back and side doors, ground floor windows, or sliding doors allows you multiple escape options in emergencies. This option can represent a significant investment, and it’s crucial to hire an established firm to handle the project, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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