Enhancing Kitchen Safety With a Remodel

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If you have children in your household, ensuring that they don’t get hurt running around the kitchen can be accomplished with a safety-enhancing kitchen remodel. Some strategies you can implement with your Newton MA kitchen remodeling project to make the room safer include: 

Slip-Resistant Flooring 

The first aspect to consider is the slipperiness of the floor. Kitchen activities can leave the floor susceptible to slips and tumbles. From puddles of water to drops of oil, numerous things can prove hazardous on a slippery floor. Installing flooring with slip-resistant attributes can lower accidental slips from spills. 

Childproof Locks 

A good way to ensure your toddlers don’t gain access to dangerous items like cleaning detergent and insecticides. Childproof locks are much easier to maintain compared to ordinary locks, as there’s no risk of losing the keys, or forgetting to secure these areas. With a child lock system, the bottom drawers will secure themselves automatically. 

Installing Water Temperature Regulators 

Installing heat regulators to your faucets can ensure proactive children don’t scald themselves when attempting to wash their hands or do the dishes. Some modern tech systems allow faucets to maintain a preprogrammed temperature for users. If you’re looking for experienced safety remodeling firms, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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