Enhancing Home Safety with a Remodel

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Apart from functionality, safety should represent one of the foremost objectives of a home remodeling project, especially when undertaking the venture in a household with children. Some effective ways you can enhance the safety levels of your home when hiring a Remodeling Company include:

Enhanced Lighting

Temporary vision impairment is one of the leading causes of accidents in millions of homes. Ensuring all sections are clearly lit can prevent individuals from potentially walking into tables or tripping over objects on the floor. The importance of lighting is even more important in areas such as the kitchen, as activities in this sector involve dealing with open flames and sharp blades.

Improving Floor Grip

Slippery surfaces are another leading cause of accidents around homes, especially when dealing with children intent on running around the house. There are several ways you can accomplish this objective, including applying an anti-slip formula to tiled or wooden floors, or carpeting walkways and hosting sections of the home.

Installing Multiple Fire Extinguishers

Installing fire extinguishers in different parts of your home raises your chances of success should a sudden emergency occur. Extinguishers should be placed in the kitchen, lounge, and hallway. If you’re seeking the best safety solutions for a remodeling project, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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