Enhancing Functionality with your Kitchen Remodel

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A kitchen remodeling project is a great way to accommodate a growing household and potentially enhance your home’s overall resale value. Some effective ways you can enhance functionality with a Kitchen Remodel include:

Incorporating a Work Triangle

A work triangle refers to the space between the sink, cooker, and fridge. As the name suggests, these primary aspects should be positioned to form a triangular space in between these areas, allowing an individual to easily reach any item when cooking. Generally speaking, the sink and cooker should be positioned along the base of the triangle, with the fridge representing the third point.

Dual-Purpose Appliances

Multi-purpose appliances have multiple benefits including saving on space, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced practicality. There are numerous options to choose from, with some of the more popular options including a multicooker, accessorized immersion blender, and a sandwich press/grill. The best appliance combo for your Kitchen Remodeling project will depend on your particular needs.

Utilizing Dead Space

Dead space generally refers to areas that have no particular features or attributes but are simply just there. These are usually found around awkward corners in the kitchen or along empty walls. You can eliminate these spaces by developing a cozy nook with a kitchen bench. For further kitchen remodeling ideas, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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