Effective Bathroom Ventilation Designs

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One of the aspects that many people don’t tend to consider when working on remodeling their bathroom is the ventilation available. In many cases, individuals will work on aspects such as practicality, spatial awareness, and aesthetics while failing to include one of the leading elements that play a significant role in developing the overall functionality of the room. 

Why Ventilation? 

There are multiple reasons why ventilation plays a major role in any Bathroom Remodel. Firstly, if the bathroom is used twice or more times a day it’s likely to be quite humid unless properly aired. Issues related to water damage such as rot and molding can also be mitigated through effective ventilation until they’re discovered and addressed (which should always be as soon as possible). 

Improving Ventilation 

Some of the effective ways you can improve ventilation in your bathroom include: 

  • Installing larger windows in your bathroom. You can also choose to add a retractable skylight if you’re looking to add to the aesthetics. 
  • Installing a bathroom fan. Modern designs often feature a humidistat, which allows the fan to turn on automatically when humidity levels rise.
  • A ceiling vent is a great solution for closed rooms that don’t have access to windows. 

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