Eco-friendly Decking Solutions

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To reduce the impact on the environment, most homeowners are looking for more eco-friendly decking solutions. Some of the main options recommended by most Deck Builders in this category include:

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is an excellent eco-friendly alternative that represents an affordable solution that can be integrated into multiple designs. It also plays a significant role in saving the forest as no additional trees are sacrificed in the construction of these fixtures. They’re also easily sourced from multiple places.

Pressure Treated Lumber

This is currently the most popular type of decking material on the market. It is much cheaper than natural hardwood and boasts enhanced longevity. This lumber is treated with chemicals that prevent rot and termites from damaging the integrity of the wood. The chemicals, however, can be harmful once they leach into the soil.

Composite Deck Material

This material is made from recycled wood products mixed with recycled plastic. This makes it very eco-friendly. It also requires very little to no maintenance and holds up well in constant foot traffic. However, due to its plastics, the wood cannot be recycled.

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