Easiest Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Bigger

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Your bathroom might not be the largest place in your house. However, it also need not be a small and cramped space.

Using our top methods list can easily make your small bathroom bigger, better,  and even more functional.

  1. Play with colors

Walls are the first thing anyone sees in a room. If your bathroom is painted with dark colors, consider using some lighter and brighter shades.

Avoiding multi-colored walls having many distortions will give a sense of continuity to the small area, making it appear spacious and wide.

  1. Shower enclosure

The shower enclosure obviously covers up a large area in any bathroom. Installing a clear shower section or even an open one can induce the illusion of a larger space.

The eye can see further with a transparent or clear enclosure and give a symmetrical feel to your bathroom. 

  1. Mirrored wall

We are talking about a full wall mirror here. The reflection will make your bathroom look almost two times bigger than its original size.

You can also add backlighting to the mirror wall, which will amplify the light in a minimalistic way.


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