Dog Owners in Framingham, MA, Rejoice: Farm Pond Dog Park Arrives

Dog owners in Framingham, MA, rejoice! Thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers and the unanimous support of the town’s Board of Selectmen, the new Farm Pond Dog Park is now open for public use. Located in the heart of Framingham, the park provides dogs and their owners an off-leash area that was once only a dream. Information can be found here.

The project had been in the works for nearly two years and was spearheaded by a group of dedicated volunteers with advocacy for animal welfare and protection at heart. The group had worked tirelessly to bring this concept to fruition, and their efforts have paid off in spades. After a unanimous vote from the board of selectmen, and with the support of the Town of Framingham and a generous donation from a local charity, the Farm Pond Dog Park came to life. See here for information about Enjoying Nature’s Bounty at Roosevelt Park in Framingham, MA.

The park covers 1.5 acres and provides an area for owners to let their dogs run and play off-leash in a safe and secure environment. A sizeable screened-in fence provides visibility and keeps all owners’ pets in and wild animals out. A small dog run is provided for smaller dogs and a larger area for larger breeds, which may choose to chase sticks or chase Frisbee games. Who knows?

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