Deck Lighting Options

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A well-lit deck at night can help to prevent accidents like tripping on the stairs, plus it enhances the security available. Most Newton MA Deck Builders will recommend a variety of lighting options depending on your needs. Some of these include:

Solar Lights

If you live in an area that has a lot of natural sunlight, solar power can represent a great energy-saving option. However, they tend to be a bit dim at times but this shortfall can be addressed by complementing the solar panels with backup batteries.

String Lights

These lights are a great way to instill a warm and welcoming ambiance in this sector. They’re also easy to install and are relatively affordable. They represent a great option for DIY projects and are available in several colors.

Stair Lighting

These lights are generally placed in recesses on your stairs and are a great way to prevent potential accidents when navigating this area during twilight hours.

Hanging Lights

These are perfect for decks with a roof. You can hang up a chandelier for a classic look or opt for a simple, traditional alternative.

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