Converting your Deck to an Outdoor Kitchen

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If you’re considering a home remodel but aren’t sure about where to start, working on the exterior is a good way to enhance curb appeal. A backyard deck, for instance, can be converted to an outdoor eating space/kitchen. Some useful tips you can apply when looking to hire Newton MA Deck Builders to accomplish this objective include: 

Consider External Elements 

Any furniture should be able to withstand the environment and be positioned away from potential downpours and persistent wind. Cooking can be a difficult task when battling sudden gusts of wind. Erecting a semi-enclosure in this section is a simple means of addressing such problems. 

Installing a Countertop 

One of the main fixtures of any cooking space is a counter. This feature offers a sufficient meal preparation space which means you don’t have to go back and forth between your deck and your kitchen when fixing a snack. The countertop should be placed close to the house to avoid elements such as wind and dust. 

Consider the Weight Load 

What you add to your deck will be determined by how much weight your deck can handle. You can calculate this by multiplying the total square footage of this space by 50 psf. A deck with 50 sq ft, for instance, will be designed to support 2500lbs. For reliable deck building services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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