Common Deck Building Mistakes

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A deck is an excellent addition to any residence when conducted appropriately. However, adding this extension to your home might not be as simple as it seems, and there are numerous issues to consider when undertaking such a building project.

Hiring professional Deck Builders is the best way of avoiding common mistakes that raise expenses. Some of these include:

Inadequate Footers

The footers play a major role in keeping the structure in place and maintaining stability. If you’re placing your footers in disturbed soil, you’ll need to dig at least 48 inches to ensure stability. Footers should also be placed below the frost line to avoid potential frost heave.

Blocking Means of Egress

A common building code related to deck-building activities is the extension shouldn’t block a means of egress. Egress can be defined as a clear pathway out of the building. If your deck blocks sections such as basement windows or trapdoors, it’s likely to face several fines.

Ignoring Permit Requirements

Most states in the US require homeowners to apply for a building permit before they can commence any decking project. Choosing to ignore this requirement can lead to hefty fines or a notice of demolition. If you would rather have someone else handle the documentation process on your behalf, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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