Cleaning Tips: 4 Best Ideas To Clean Your Kitchen

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You might see your kitchen slowly losing its shine and luster. Whether it’s a newly built kitchen or an old one, proper cleaning up of the place is necessary.

What are the best ways to clean up all that mess? We, Exponential Construction, have got you covered. Scroll down to reveal the answer!

  1. Declutter

Before actually starting, the first step would be to remove everything from your kitchen. Empty the cabinets and the countertops, and remove any moveable material.

Starting with a blank canvas is always the best.

  1. Doors & Cabinets

Start by cleaning the doors and cabinets. Do not use any harsh bleach or chemicals as it will remove the polish from the wood.

Use a damped cloth and gently wipe out the dust and dirt.

  1. The Appliances

Cleaning the oven(which has accumulated every food’s smell) and the refrigerator would be your priority.

Remove everything from the refrigerator, let it sit for some hours, and then start the cleaning process.

  1. Clean the floor

After doing all the appliances and cabinets, start cleaning the floor. Thoroughly wash the floor with non-toxic products.

Leave it for the last so that it gets all the dust you dropped down while cleaning.


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