Choosing the Right Shelving for your Books

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Interior decor is an expansive subject as it incorporates a wide variety of elements in the transformation of a space. The smallest details can potentially make the biggest difference. The kind of fixtures you incorporate into your designs will depend on your tastes and preferences. If you happen to be an avid reader, the incorporation of shelving spaces will represent a major part of your furnishings.

There are several aspects you should consider with shelving in your Home Remodeling Framingham MA project, some of these include:

Consider Height and Spacing

There are several options available when it comes to the placement of these fixtures. The height of your shelves, for instance, will depend on your intended reach. If you’re creating a small reading nook, for example, the shelving can be placed on the wall just above your waist – allowing you to reach for a book from a seated position.

Load Bearing Capacity

If you have a small collection of soft-copy novels then the load-bearing capacity of your shelves might not be a major concern. But if you plan on keeping massive volumes of enormous transcripts, you might need a sturdier solution. Bookshelves have a wide scope when it comes to this attribute, averaging a support threshold between 40 to 300 pounds depending on the build.

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