Choosing the Best Vanity Set for Your Bathroom Remodel

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If you’re thinking about revamping your bathroom in your house, installing a new set is an excellent way to change the look without going overboard. Some of the elements you should keep in mind when going through available alternatives in this section include: 


Height and depth represent the two most significant dimensions of a vanity set, as they will represent the space available. If you’re looking to conserve as much space as possible, opting for height over depth is your best option. You can mount the cabinets at lower positions on the wall to ensure everything is easily accessible. 


The color of your vanity set can also play a large role in your Newton MA bathroom remodeling plans. It’s essential to find a hue that works with the shades in this room. You can either opt to choose colors that match or blend in with the existing color palette, or find alternatives that accentuate the different colors in the room. 

Weight Management 

You must take note of how you plan to use this storage. If you’re planning on keeping heavy items in one place, choosing drawers over cabinets might be a more suitable solution. You can also choose to mount cabinets on heavier-duty support systems. If you’re looking for quality bathroom solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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