Choosing a Bathtub Design

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One of the primary elements of a bathroom is the tub. When selecting a suitable design, there are multiple aspects you’ll need to take into consideration.

Some elements to consider when choosing a tub with your Bathroom Remodeling venture include:


You don’t have to change any existing plumbing in most cases when looking to replace your old tub with a bigger one. The network and drainage system involved will remain the same, and the primary issue to consider is positioning and space. You’ll need a permit to rework the plumbing network, however, if you’d like to move your bathtub to a new position in the room.

Style and Design

There are numerous designs you can choose from, but not every option might represent a suitable alternative. A standalone tub, for instance, can offer a sense of elegance in the aesthetics that transmits a spa-like experience – but might not be suitable for a household with children. Alcove designs are a great alternative, with the three enclosed sides minimizing water spill.

Luxury Features

There are several features you can add to the tub for more luxurious episodes. You can add water jets with multi-speed settings and in-line heating to transform your tub into a jacuzzi. You can also install underwater LED lighting to encourage chromotherapy treatment. We offer a wide selection of bathtubs and features, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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