Choosing a Bathroom Color Scheme

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If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom without having to spend an arm and a leg giving it a fresh paint job is a great place to start. Changing your bathroom’s color scheme can completely change its look, and the project can be completed in several days or even a few hours depending on the project. 

Some of the elements you should consider when changing the color scheme with a Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling venture include: 

Keep it Simple 

In cases where you’re considering a DIY project with your paint job, keeping it simple is a good way to ensure quality. Choosing one primary color that’s complemented by a compatible shade such as whites and light shades of gray can be a good rule of thumb when looking to instigate a harmonious effect with your color scheme. 

Distribution of Colors 

If you’re mixing two neutral colors you can opt for a 70/30 split, with your preferred shade taking up the bulk of the space. If you’re combining a neutral color with a rich alternative and an additional accent, you can go for 70/20/10, with the boldest color representing 10%. 

The Rule of Three 

The rule of three in color schemes involves using a particular shade at least three times in a room. This can mean using the color for the walls, along the fixtures, and including it in accessories such as towels. Hiring a professional is the only way to ensure a paint job is done to perfection, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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