Childproofing your Kitchen

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The kitchen can arguably represent one of the more dangerous sections of the house if no safety measures are effectively applied. Multiple potential dangers should be addressed when looking to enhance safety levels for children.

Some effective ways to childproof the area with a Wellesley Kitchen Remodeling project include:

Childproof Locks on the Cabinets

Installing childproof locks on the floor cabinets is advisable when dealing with toddlers. Even if you don’t keep any lethal substances in this space, children tend to transform mundane items into harmful artifacts. They can also use these open cabinets as stepping stones to get to higher levels.

Installing Non-skid Rugs

Millions of parents repeatedly caution their children against running in the house. These warnings tend to go unheeded more often than not, which can be dangerous should any games lead into the kitchen. Placing non-skid rugs along the walkway is a great way to minimize the potential for accidents.

Installing Safety Plugs

Another tendency of toddlers is sticking objects into open spaces, which can be deadly when dealing with electrical outlets. Safety plugs block these holes, ensuring children don’t mistakenly electrocute themselves during a curiosity-driven adventure. For quality childproofing remodeling solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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