Childproofing your Home with a Remodel

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If you’re a new parent or already have a squad of infants running around your home, childproofing your house is an aspect you should take into serious consideration. 

Some effective ways to childproof your home when working with Remodeling Contractors include: 

Installing Baby Gates

If you’re dealing with toddlers aged 3 or younger, integrating baby gates in sections such as the top and bottom of steps, kitchen entryway, or house entrance is a good way to mitigate the movement of your young ones and keep them away from places that feature potential hazards. 

Storage Solutions

Another simple means of childproofing your home is keeping any items that are potentially dangerous away from curious hands. This is best accomplished by installing childproof locks on bottom cabinets. You can also replace these cabinets with hanging shelves that can’t be easily reached by children. It’s crucial to ensure that your kids don’t have anything they can claim to access these shelves, such as counters and bar stools. 

Installing Anchors and Edge Bumpers

Anchors are a good way to ensure that your children don’t accidentally knock over furniture or appliances that could tumble down and hurt them. Edge bumpers can be placed on sharp corners of fixtures such as tables and counters to minimize the damage of potential impact. For a reliable, affordable means of childproofing your home, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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