Building a Wooden Deck

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Wooden decks have become a common feature in millions of homes across the country. Installing this extension to your residence can have multiple benefits, but it’s essential to ensure that process is handled by professionals to ensure quality results.

Some essential factors to consider when hiring a Porch Builder to construct a wooden deck include:

Choosing the Right Species

There are numerous species of wood available in the market. Hardwoods are the best alternative for decks, as most of these options feature natural tannins and oils that enhance their resistance to threats such as rot and infestation. Some of the best species for decks include redwood, cedar, teak, and ipe.

Pressure Treated Lumber

If you’re seeking an affordable option featuring great value for money, pressure-treated lumber is a great alternative for wooden decks. This is timber exposed to arsenic, chromium, and copper within a vacuum. Treated wood enhances resistance to fungal decay, rot, and infestation. It’s significantly more affordable than exotic woods.

Reclaimed Wood

One of the main reasons that wood is a popular material with decks is how easily it can be sourced. Opting for reclaimed wood is a great way to integrate an eco-friendly initiative with your project. We offer multiple wood alternatives at affordable rates, so for the best deck-building services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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