Budgeting for Bathroom Renovations

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Developing a budget for your remodeling needs is essential when looking to mitigate costs. Bathroom projects, for instance, can become quite expensive if you don’t plan ahead regarding finances. Some simple ways you can lower the costs involved with a Bathroom Remodel include: 

Simple Paint Jobs 

You might be surprised at how much a simple paint job changes the appearance. Giving this area a fresh coat of paint is something that can be conducted as a DIY, with the entire venture completed in a day depending on the surface area involved. 

Refurbishing vs. Replacement

You can opt to refurbish your existing bathroom fixtures instead of conducting an entire overhaul. Replacing the toilet lid and cover and bleaching the bowl, for instance, is cheaper than replacing the whole toilet.

Affordable Quality Options

Some tiling alternatives can be quite costly, but there are many cheaper alternatives available as well. Pick and stick tiles, laminate flooring, and engineered wood represent some of the more affordable alternatives in the market. 

Maintain the Existing Plumbing

When doing an extensive remodeling project, try to work on the existing plumbing instead of demolishing it and starting afresh. Setting up a new plumbing system will take a huge chunk out of your budget. If you’re looking for affordable quality bathroom solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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