Best Tiles for your Bathroom Backsplash

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Remodeling a bathroom can consist of a variety of elements when it comes to developing an overall stylistic direction. Apart from major sections such as walls, flooring, and cabinetry, the little things can also have an impact on the overall effect. One of the areas that can have such an influence is the backsplash. 

What is a Backsplash? 

In simple terms, a backsplash can be defined as a section that expands vertically from the back of a counter or sink. Their main purpose is to protect the wall from continuous exposure to water leading to damage such as rot and molding. 

Best Tiles for a Bathroom Backsplash 

Some of the best tiles available for a backsplash when working on a Bathroom Remodel include: 

Ceramic – Ceramic is one of the most popular tile materials for bathrooms. They’re extremely versatile, available at a low cost, and easy to install. 

Porcelain – Porcelain and ceramic are developed from a similar process, giving them many similar attributes. It’s subjected to higher levels of heat during its production, however, making it more durable than ceramic. 

Natural Stone – Natural stone is a great means of adding elegance to your bathroom. There are several options available in this category, with some of the more popular options including granite, marble, and quartz. 

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