Best Materials for a Deck-building Project

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One of the major issues to consider when building a deck for your home is the most suitable materials for your needs. There are multiple alternatives available in this category, and your final choice will depend on varying aspects such as your budget and design. Some of the materials that are currently popular in the deck-building market include: 

Pressure Treated Wood

Hiring a Porch Builder to work on a wooden deck is one of the more affordable options available, considering the availability and affordability of the material. Opting for pressure-treated wood is considered an eco-friendly approach as they last longer and the material can be developed from recycled sources. 

Composite Decking 

In simple terms, composite decking is a blend of plastic and wood fibers. It’s another one of the more affordable alternatives in the market and can last between 15 to 20 years with the proper maintenance. The presence of plastic fibers also means it’s not susceptible to hazards such as infestation, rot, and molding. 

 Aluminum Decking

Aluminum is one of the more expensive options available in the market, but it also exhibits some of the best quality. It can last for over 30 years with proper care and is a great option when looking to resist harsh external conditions. We offer a wide range of decking solutions at affordable rates, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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