Best Kitchen Appliances in 2022

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There are multiple strategies you can use when it comes to enhancing functionality with a kitchen remodel. If you’re already satisfied with the aesthetics of the space, for example, you can focus on enhancing the utility of this area through the addition or replacement of appliances. 

Some of the latest appliances you can incorporate with a Newton MA Kitchen Remodeling project include: 

Induction Cooktops 

These appliances use electricity to directly heat pots and pans through the implementation of magnetic induction. These cooktops are compatible with a variety of materials including cast iron and stainless steel. You can confirm compatibility by checking whether a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware in question. 

InstaView Refrigerators 

InstaView refrigerators allow individuals to study the contents inside without having to open the door. This is an LG-exclusive product and is made of a modern glass panel that turns transparent with two simple knocks – allowing a person to see inside. This might seem like a minimal feature but represents a great upgrade in the long term. 

Fast Wash Cycle Dishwashers 

A fast wash cycle dishwasher can be a useful timesaver. Some brands offer this feature with their dishwashers, with Asko and Miele featuring the fastest times at 20 and 24 minutes respectively. We offer a wide range of appliance packages with our services, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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